Chrissy Cupcake

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Children love to learn new things, why not be their teacher and go on the journey of learning how to cook together…?

Chrissy Cupcake says,

‘Learning about the food you eat is great fun. Eating good food helps to keep you healthy. When you eat junk food, you can feel sick and awful.

Healthy food allows you to play, have fun, learn your lessons when you are at school, and allows you to help mum and dad if they need a hand.

Natural, healthy food is grown in good, healthy soil. When vegetables and fruit grow in healthy soil, they pass on their goodness to you as you eat and enjoy your food. Animals that live on the land and when they also eat healthy grass and natural herbs that grow on the land, they too, pass on their goodness in the form of the meat you eat. When our oceans are clean, we catch the healthy fish, crabs and prawns who live in the oceans; these foods are good for your health, body, brain, and mind.’


Format:      Paperback          Size:          21cm x 29.7cm (A4)

Pages:        56                        Word Count:        7,000

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